What I Want: Jackets

I love all the casual jackets this fall! They seem so much cooler than blazers, but the tweeds and conservative colors makes them okay for work.

Top Left: NY&Co Moto Sweater Jacket ($60) – it looks so soft and the color is perfect!

Top RIght: Gap – so. cool. I see this as a little more casual, but I still love it.

Bottom Left: Loft ($98) – Own it! Love it! The lining is really soft and the black tweed is really versatile.

Bottom Right: NY&Co ($80) – another combination of tweed with a cool cut.

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Essie’s Fall Collection 2014, Part 2

This set felt a little more like the obvious colors for fall! (But surprisingly, no wine colors this year! Last year it seemed like there were so many wine colors… Maybe the winter collection will have some…?)

Top Row:

This sandy color (Essie Take it Outside) seems like it would be great all year – just like the Naked eyeshadows. (To be sure, I’m not super convinced that this palette is the greatest ever, but it is a nice representation of some pretty neutral shadows!)

I also love that all three of these colors are included in my plaid scarf!

Middle Row:

Essie Style Cartel is an inky midnight blue, like this cozy sweater. Speaking of night, I can’t believe how early it is getting dark these days! I know we’re officially in fall, but I’m not ready for full winter…

Bottom Row: 

This orangey-red (Essie Dress to Kilt) might be the most “fall” of all the colors. These earrings are also super thematic, with not only the rusty colors, but also the leaf pattern.

Which color would you choose?

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Essie’s Fall Collection 2014, Part 1

Top Row:

Essie Fall in Line is such an unusual gray-minty-green. It reminded me of aviators and the dark green of football fields!

Middle Row:

This dark teal color (Essie The Perfect Cover-up) is perfect also for warm and cozy scarves.

Bottom Row:

After doing some shopping with my dad last week, he declared “coverall brown” to be popular this year. Essie’s Partner in Crime is in that trend, with all the richness of hot cocoa and leather boots!

Which of these colors would you choose?

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Scarf Part 2

I wore this scarf in a casual outfit for traveling last week and this week I wore it to work (as I have a few times before)!

Obviously, the scarf! Although it looks like this exact scarf is sold out, F21 has a similar one!

My standard work outfit is a pencil skirt with a blazer (often with just a simple tee underneath). My blazer is part of a pants suit from Max Mara (if you are ever in Italy, it’s actually pretty affordable and compares price-wise to Banana-Republic-without-sales).

I wear, of course, my Karen Scott pumps – I can’t be the only person who finds these to be the most comfortable work shoes. Long story: I park about a half mile from work and normally wear flats or boots for the walk, changing into heels once I’m in my office. But with the full pants suit, I can’t do this because the pants are hemmed for heels. So I wore these shoes on my mile round trip walk last week and no problems! Full truth? I was pretty happy to sit down at the end of the day, but there are not a lot of heels that would have done so well! I definitely recommend these for people who work in careers like teaching, in which you stand for hours and hours.

And I finish the look off with my watch (my classroom doesn’t have a clock…) and burgundy nail polish!

The whole look is equal parts flight attendant, patriotic, and awesome – and I love it!

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Ipsy – September

Second month of Ipsy! For just $10 each month, this service really is reigning in my want for impulse beauty purchases.

I suppose I bought some contact solution from the beauty section of Target a few weeks ago, but that seems rather practical :)

So, the reviews:

Maybelline MASTER GLAZE Blush Stick in “Make A Mauve” (full size, $7.99) ★★

It’s a nice large size, the formula is pretty easy to use/blend, but oh my goodness it is the most pigmented color ever. Maybe I’m just a little too pale, but the Mauve color makes me look like I am suffering from a fever, with a rather unnaturally pink glow. I’m almost tempted to try one of their pinks, which I think would be more natural, but I already have one from ELF that I like well enough.

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish in Red Red Wine (full size, $9) ★★

No complaints about coverage (2 coats looks good), brush (wide like OPI), or formula (easy to apply). But this color is an almost perfect dupe for OPI’s Malaga Wine and is pretty similar to OPI’s A to Zurich, both of which I already own… I do love these dark reds for winter, so I suppose I will make use of this one too.

Be A Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder (full size, $12) ★★

People on facebook were weirdly excited about this sample. I was less excited; it’s powder, which I almost never use. But I was traveling this month to some climates that were oddly humid and it was useful: I did not feel like a greasy mess, but rather just like how I always look, despite frequent outdoor time. There’s nothing magical, I feel, about this particular powder, but it is teeny enough for travel.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask (sample, $4.95)  ★★

I already use hair “masks” about once per week, so I was excited to have another one. It’s really no better or worse that the 2 I am currently using (LOreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair Extreme Emergency Recovery Mask and Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Strength Reconstructing Butter Hair Mask). Because the L’Oreal and Garnier products are so similar – and only about $1 per oz rather than Briogeo’s $5 – I will most likely not purchase this item, but I am enjoying the sample.

Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser (sample, $2.33) 

It is scent-less, but still kind of smell like soap. Plus it is non-foaming and really feels like you are washing your face with a bar of soap in a hotel. However, it is not nearly as drying as actual soap. So I guess, if you like soap, you will like this? My least exciting sample.


Ispy Total Cost: about $36.27 + the bag (love it!)

Ipsy Total Value (things I actually use and like!): Hmm, this is hard this month! I will definitely use these samples, but probably won’t purchase these items…  I suppose that makes this bag valuable (nothing being thrown away outright) and if nothing else, it was certainly worth the $10!

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