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I’m trying to focus on accessories lately when I shop (I have enough slouch gray tees, thank you!) and I am loving these options from Sole Society!

Tortoise Shell Necklace ($40): Probably more than I’d like to pay, but I’m still going to hunt for a pretty tortoise shell necklace (so versatile, so preppy!) Baublebar had a similar one with clear crystals, but it’s in the $60 range.

Turquoise Ring ($45): Living in the south(west) for so long has made me love turquoise – when done right – and I love the rough edges of this ring!

Wedges ($80): Gah, when did Sole Society get so expensive?! I vaguely remember most shoes being $60, which always felt somewhat reasonable. Regardless, I love the little pop of leopard! I’d wear this with all black, so the leopard was kind of a dramatic surprise :) The other color options are not nearly as fun – this is the only color with the surprise wedge…

Bag ($70) This is the item that I am seriously considering. When I picture myself gliding glamorously through an airport, I’m holding this bag. I also look vaguely like Jennifer Aniston (even though the tan skin and medium blonde hair is so NOT what I look like…)

What’s on your shopping radar these days?

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Ipsy: My first Month

Ok, so technically it is already month 2. I received a very cool gray ipsy bag on Monday.

For reals, I chose Ipsy SOLEY because of the little bags. I use them for everything – I have computer doodad and usb drives in one, tissues and a pocket mirror and lip glass in another, etc! I am sure that after a few months they may become less exciting, but for now, I am glad to subscribe.

So what did I get in my first month?

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner✰✰✰

It’s a primer, but it has a little color and is a whipped consistency. It is much more like the Benefit Porefessional product than the clear gel-like primer that some people like (I’ve talked about this here, if you aren’t sure what I mean!). I prefer this kind of primer and I’ve been using it on my t-zone (to stop shine) almost every day.

I have no idea if it is expensive or not. <checking> O.M.G. It’s hella expensive! 1oz in $45!! When this runs out, I’ll stick with NYX pore filler, which is about $20 per oz (although I wear it was way cheaper when I purchased it at Target).

Ipsy conclusion: A great addition to the bag! (sample cost about $11.25)


J. Cat Beauty Flying Solo Eye Shadow✰✰✰

I don’t wear a ton of eyeshadow, but this peachy shade (half naked) makes me look just a little more polished everyday. Plus, unlike some bolder colors, it doesn’t settle into a crease and look strange by lunchtime. Not saying it lasts all day, but it fades slowly and evenly (I feel like that is important!)

Ipsy conclusion: A nice color and a good product! (sample cost about $3.00)


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Blah, it’s kind of clumpy. I’m super picky about mascara, so I’m not surprised that this is not a favorite.

Ipsy conclusion: Meh (sample cost about $5.50)


Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

I have short hair. Short hair that looks crazy in the morning. I’ve got to shower to ‘reset’ it. Thus, dry shampoo is not something that I’ve ever used. I might ‘gift’ this to one of my long-haired friends.

Ipsy conclusion: Do not use… have no opinion. (sample cost about $6.00)


Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner✰✰✰

This lip balm has a nondescript subtle fruity smell and very little taste. It is pretty waxy, but I like to wear a lip balm to bed and the waxy ones protect better/longer. I had just run out of the beeswax kind, so this was great timing.

Ipsy conclusion: Something I needed! (sample cost about $5.50)


Ispy Total Cost: about $31.25 + the bag

Ipsy Total Value (things I actually use and like!): $19.25 + the bag

Considering Ipsy cost $10 per month, I would consider this a great month! It does help that I liked 3 of 5 products AND one of those was the priciest sample.

[If you want to subscribe, you can use this link and I will get points. I don't know why I need points, but they must mean something?]

I will try to get the current month up before the October bag arrives (haha!)

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Loft Capsule part II: What I Already Own!

So I’ve been drooling over the new items at Loft. Yesterday I simply made a list of all the items pictured – sort of a ready made capsule wardrobe.

Today I’m going through the list with my closer in mind. I eliminated a few things that I wouldn’t really wear (crossed off) and then made all the items that I already own (or close enough) italics. Items that I am missing completely, I made red!

Dresses: Done!

  • Color blocked dress 
  • Dark gray sweater dress – Technically, it’s also color blocked, but seriously, color blocking is super flattering.


  • striped tee
  • collared top for layering
  • plaid shirt - Love this, but only if it is soft warm flannel! The colors are perfect for me…
  • Sweater (Striped) – probably have something similar, but this looks really cozy and warm!
  • Sweater (Windowpane) – I do have a nice blue sweater that I could layer over a dark red collared shirt?
  • Sweater (striped sleeves) – The problem with this top is that the cool detail would be hidden by a blazer or coat. Not an issue today, but I already have a long sleeve tee with a back zip in neon colors
  • Sweater (light gray / leopard print) – It’s not leopard, but I have this hooded gap sweater.

Coats: Not exactly, but I won’t be cold…

  • Faux leather moto jacket – Ok, not exactly, but I did recently get this tweed bomber jacket from Loft and I have some other cute jackets, such that I don’t really feel a need.
  • Denim jacket
  • Printed Coat  – Right, technically I don’t have this, but I do have a nice black trench and some heavy duty winter gear, so I’m covered for coats. 

Bottoms: I’ve got this area covered!

  • Black Skirt
  • Longer gray skirt. Meh. I have a grey pencil skirt that is similar in color, but that shape is no for me.
  • Black trousers - Love these from Old Navy (I had to size down, because they have a pretty might stretch.)
  • Light jeans
  • Darker jeans
  • waxed black denim

Shoes: I could use some additions.

  • Boots - Love these. Have nothing like them. Scared of heel…
  • Black Heels – I have black flats with a little wedge, but still I’d like these Karen Scott pumps (so comfy!! I had to walk a mile in my navy ones last week and it was totally fine!)
  • Black Loafers I have some great ballet flats from Lucky that I’d rather wear with ankle trousers.

Ultimately, I can recreate most of these outfits with stuff I already own! A striped sweater, plaid shirt, and cool boots may be items that will now be on my fall shopping list.

What would you need to create these looks?

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A Loft Capsule Inspiration

I really am loving the look of Loft this fall. Many of the pieces are pretty simple and they do repeat some items in the collage, so I thought it would be fun to figure out what one would need to replicate these looks!

[I know many of you are still overheating thinking about sweaters, but we've now had multiple nights drop into the low 40s, so I'm pulling out my box of heavier clothes sometime this week. (But not tights - I'm fighting that as long as I can!)]

The Inspiration:


  • Color blocked dress
  • Dark gray sweater dress


  • Striped Sweater
  • Windowpane sweater
  • striped tee
  • collared top for layering
  • plaid shirt
  • Sweater (striped sleeves)
  • Sweater (leopard print)


  • Faux leather moto jacket
  • Denim jacket
  • Printed Coat


  • Black Skirt
  • Longer gray skirt
  • Black trousers
  • Light jeans
  • Darker jeans
  • waxed black denim


  • Boots
  • Black Heels
  • Black Loafers

Ok, so that was a few more items than I thought, but I suppose they are selling clothes…

Would you wear this capsule collection? Do you even like to think in capsule – or do you need more variety?

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Saturday Shopping

Dude, so little time these days. Just checking in to say that Loft is KILLING it this fall.

I want every one of these outfits. I *may* be taking advantage of the 40% off sale going on right now (Saturday)!

All right… back to work…

(Don’t worry, I have pizza and a few back episodes of Masterchef waiting for me – at least I will have a relaxing evening!)