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For most of my life, I had really long hair – past my waistband. People seemed to recognize me by my hair. It really became a central part of my identity.

I was the girl with really really long hair.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how hard it is to change that aspect of your appearance that seems so central to your look. To be sure, I spend a lot of time thinking appearances and the visual trapping of my identity – and indeed, our society values perceptions. But why would you want the central focus of *you* to be something  about how you look?

So, after a particularly long year (almost 10 years ago), I had my long hair chopped off into a style that I affectionately called “little boy haircut.” I’ve had a variety of short hairstyles since then, some requiring more or less maintenance, but I’ve never looked back! My hairstyle is (I think) more flattering for me now and only one part in my overall appearance and identity.

So, ladies of pinterest who lust over the dramatic haircuts like those pictured above, do it! And if worse comes to worse: it grows back!

Have you ever drastically changed your appearance?

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Black Friday Wrap-up (What I Actually Bought)

I went shopping on Black Friday! It was so crazy and crowded – and I was with my whole family (seriously, 8 people in a mall is chaotic on a normal day!). But I found some good items, so….

A Very Special Budgeting Bloggers Post

A new pencil skirt from New York and Company ($47, 50% off, but then my mom paid!): Perfect for work. On me (5’7″), this skirt is well past my knees, which makes it really easy to sit in. It’s also a little stretchy, but not too much. I’m really tempted to buy another one or two in black or other colors because the length is so nice.

Front and back earrings ($19, on sale for $10) and tights ($19, on sale for $10) from Loft. I felt a little disappointed while browsing Loft; I normally love them online, but in person the clothes were somewhat underwhelming (and still kind of expensive, even at 50% off!) But the review: The front and back earrings at Loft are slightly smaller than my other ones, which is great (just a little more subtle!). The tights are tights (hard to mess up on tights)!

Lastly, after much searching, I found boots! These ($100) are Aldo boots from DSW and they are so perfect for work! They are just a little higher than I was wanting, but I wore them for a two hour choir concert last night and had no problem standing through the entire thing. Yay!

Did you go shopping last week?

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Ipsy November: Meh, but one amazing new product…

SeaRx Skincare Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion (sample size, $2.40) 

A nice face lotion: not greasy, not oily, very little scent. The sample is so tiny so I’ve been only using it around my eyes in the evening. I only wish the sample was a little bigger (it’s only .3 oz!)

J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint (full size, $4.99) 

Dislike! I received the bright fuschia color and it is like the most pigmented oily paint ever. I do not know how one would wear this and not end up smearing it all over one’s face. Plus, the color is truly horrible on me. In happier news, I have gotten addicted to the brown-red lipstick from a few months ago!

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray (travel size, $1.38) 

I don’t use hairspray, so… On the plus side, the scent is almost nonexistent?

On to some better news…

Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Olive (full size, $17.00) 

I’m not sure how well this would work as an actual liner: it’s not the softest, so I would not want to smear it on my waterline. However, it makes a really like substitute for eyeshadow: I draw a rather thick link on my eyelid above where I’ll add black liner. To be sure, I have a really deep crease, so only a little then peaks through (this method probably won’t work if you have a really shallow crease…) It’s a pretty olive-gold color, not too shimmery, but not a true green-olive.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye in Neutral Medium (sample size, $9.43) 

LOVE THIS! No wonder my concealer has never worked; it’s always been more like a tinted moisturizer formula. This is almost like putty! But I will tell you, it covers undereye circles and other blemishes. I need almost none to cover both eyes, so the sample will last for a really long time. I don’t love putting this much make-up on everyday, but for work days with presentations or special events it is pretty great! This is something that I would purchase again!


Ispy Total Cost: about $35.20 + the bag (It’s pretty! And sparkly, but really smooth; the glitter is part of the plastic rather than glued on!)

Ipsy Total Value (things I actually use and like!): $26.43. I thought this whole bag was so blah, especially after the monthly theme of glitter. After writing the above reviews, however, it really wasn’t so bad: I am using a few products pretty regularly and they are the more expensive samples. So… not my favorite month, but I still love getting it in the mail.

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November Budget

Target Scarf ($16.99, on sale plus my red card discount: $11)

Ear Jackets from Claire’s ($7.50) – added to my cart to take advantage of their constant “second item 50% off” deal while purchasing a gift

Ring from JCPenny’s ($26, but nobody pays full price at Penny’s – on sale for $10.50)

TOTAL: $29 ($50.49 – discounts of $21.49)


Not the most exciting month to read about. BUT if you remember my wishlist post from a few weeks ago, I was in the market for scarves, ear jackets, and boots. Thus having that wishlist helped me focus my purchasing to items I really wanted!

I’m still hunting for the perfect boot…I thought the black boot with a natural heel from Loft was going to be the winner. But at $98, they did not make the cut for the “Take 50% off $100″ promotion and shortly afterwards my size was sold out. I’ll definitely be trying some other options this weekend during some Black Friday shopping with the family!

What’s on my wishlist for December? It’s getting *really* cold here, so I’m tempted by all the warm sweaters and blanket scarves. Plus I LOVE my Dior-inspired front and back earrings, so I’m on the hunt for a different color or perhaps a pair that is pave-looking. And still boots…. Although as I am typing this, it has literally begun to snow, so perhaps all non-snow-boots will be closeted for the next million months… Blerg, winter…

It has been fun to pull out the winter sweaters, which is kind of like having new clothes for a while! I’m really tempted by Le Tote though – so many people seem to really like it and it seems like the clothes version of Ipsy (which I am thoroughly enjoying)… Maybe I could even ask for a few months as a Christmas gift…

How was your month? Any plans to check out the sales this week?

Be sure to check out the other budgeting bloggers on Franish!

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How I Blog: Leveraging Social Media (FB / Instagram)


I may not be the best person to give blog advice these days (haha, full-time job…) but I did just learn a cool trick that will help me connect my Facebook (which I don’t take full advantage of…) with my Instagram (which I do enjoy using!)!

Corals and Cognacs had a nice post about instagram pictures and she recommended Iconosquare, so I flipped over there to find out what it was.

In addition to the expected site stats that I expected, on the promote page they offered the opportunity to create an instagram feed on your site’s facebook fanpage!

There’s almost nothing technical involve, no pasting code or whatnot. The only thing I had to do was go to “Manage Tabs” under the “More” option. There, I was able to change the order of tabs so that “Instagram Feed” was the second tab (and thus always visible).

Why do this? In my case, I’m not a regular Facebook post-er, but I do update Instagram more regularly. Thus, the Instagram feed helps to make my Facebook page a little more active – and more up to date with my blog brand. Now I usually tweet out my Instagrams, so now that activity will appear on Instagram, Twitter, AND Facebook: three birds with one stone!

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