After Bri suggested a Pin-inspired post this month for the Work Clothes, I Suppose Third Thursday Link-up, I went scrolling through my style board and came to a few conclusions.

  1. I am going to have to spend time to separate this into warm and cold weather outfits! Drives me nuts having it all in one…
  2. I like a lot of blue, gray, and tan.
  3. I like a lot of slouch in my clothes. Even the blazers were relaxed!
  4. I like layers and elbow patches – maybe I am well suited to living in New England after all!
  5. I like to pin the polyvore collages or detail pictures. I find that I can picture myself in those outfits easier than when I see clothes on someone else. (This is also to a large extent why I like the collages for my blog as well!)

So today I have analyzed what I like about two pins in order to create an outfit for myself. I chose one for work and one for casual wear.

pinspiration work outfit

  • Baublebar Necklace ($38)
  • JCPenny Sweater ($44, on sale for $22)
  • Essie Sand Tropez
  • Limited Ankle Pant ($60, on sale for $35)
  • Coldwater Creek Blazer ($130, on sale for $44) – They are closing up so sale prices are crazy! It’s a weird store, but if you find something that works…

Finding a work outfit in my pins was harder than I was expecting! I don’t pin a lot of outfits that are dressy enough for work – most of the dressy outfits are wedding or award show bound! But I love this look and actually often wear a similar look with a black blazer and gray sequin top. (Blazer+sequins = Work appropriate, right?) This many not be the most springlike pin either, but it did snow yesterday, so I think long sleeves is appropriate for at least another week! The ankle pants and pumps are a small nod to spring – if this were fall, I would almost definitely choose boots.


pinspired casual outfit

This is one of many “detail” pictures that I have pinned. Obviously I cannot copy much of the outfit exactly, as it is not in the picture! So I tried to narrow down what I liked about this. The combination of floral and leather made a nice juxtaposition of hard and soft. Also, the majority of the outfit appears to be neutral colors. The bracelets add a nice touch of something new. So I was so excited to find the floral top, which is just perfect. The leather, although not on the cardigan, is in the bag and the shoes. I chose a watch (more my style) that would add some leather as well and choose a dark green (like the top bangle) for the nail color. This outfit is perfect for my love of slouchy and neutral, while still adding in something seasonal like the floral!


I really enjoyed writing this post: I found it to be a good reflection of my own style and what I like about each pin, beyond “Oh, pretty!” I have already earmarked a few more pins for future posts of this kind! (See all my pins here!)

Have you been pin-spired recently?

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p.s If you know the origin of these two pins, please let me know! So many pins these days are dead ends…
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Lush Solid Shampoo Review

One of my birthday presents to myself was a solid shampoo and conditioner from Lush. I’ve been using them for a few weeks now and have opinions!

Solid Shampoo: A+ (will buy again!)

Because I have color treated hair, the salesgirl recommended the “Stimulating and reviving minty shampoo bar” (“NEW! “$12 – the red one on the right!) The directions say to swipe it about three times over your hair (on the left side, top, and right) and lather like normal. I can tell you: it really works. There’s no need to work the bar under the water because the three swipes are enough to make a thick lather. (If you have long hair, you might need a little more?)

Because it seems to dissolve easily, I am trying to keep it as dry as possible. I keep it on a shelf near (but not in) the shower in the little tin that Lush recommends. I have not noticed my hair being dryer or more coarse than normal, so no adverse side affects of over-cleansing (something I might worry about with bar soap for my skin). Even though it does melt easily into a lather, it does not seem to be disappearing quickly. I bet I can easily get three months, if not more, from this bar! [I will definitely keep you updated on this!]

Lush has versions that seem more hydrating, but I would pick this one again and again because it smells so good! I’m not sure if it’s the Rosemary oil or the savory cinnamon smell that I like, but it’s a faint spicy smell that I just love.

Solid Conditioner: C (I’m using it, but I’m not sure I’d buy it again…)

I am a conditioner addict, so I was really hopeful about this for travel. (I feel like I always try to bring so much conditioner and this would be so easy on airplanes!) “Jungle” ($8 - pictured above left) does not dissolve as easily as the shampoo, so I’ve started scratching it with my nails to get little pieces to smear in my hair. It does smell nice, a very subtle fruit scent.

It does not coat my hair in the same way, however, as regular conditioner. Do you know that feeling of slippery hair when it is coated with conditioner? I’m not getting that with this. Then when I rinse it out, my hair does not feels as silky as after regular conditioner. That said, once I dry my hair, I don’t notice a difference between days with the solid conditioner and days with my normal conditioner (got to use up the rest of the bottle, right?) So, while it may not be amazing, it certainly is not hurting my hair.

If I were to travel with this, I might also bring one of those tiny conditioner tubes that you get with hair color. Specifically, the Clairol Shine treatment has a super generous conditioner that I can make last for 4-6 times! To be sure, those conditioners are made with tons of silicone, which some people avoid and if nothing else they can build up in your hair, so I have convinced myself not to use these kinds of conditioners everyday even if they make my hair super soft!)

I am not sure that I would buy this exact conditioner again, but I haven’t given up on the concept! There is a coconut oil conditioner ($10) that seems like it might be better – and perhaps melt more smoothly under the warm water. (It was actually the recommendation of the salesgirl, but I wanted the round one that fit in the tin nicely….)


I am very happy with my Lush purchases – one I love and the other is ok (but certainly it’s not bad!). There are a number of other products that I want to try: the shampoo/conditioner bar that smells like jasmine ($12) and one of the solid lotions ($14)! Lush charges $6 for the cheapest shipping, which seems like a lot, so I think I will wait until I am back in NYC again next month and can go to their store!

(For airplane travel, they also make a dry toothpaste! I’m less excited to try that one…)

Have you tried Lush products or other solid hair care? What do you recommend?

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Treasure Tromp

Three Ways: Short-sleeved Sweatshirt

A few weeks ago I wrote about the new trend of the short-sleeved sweatshirts. I found a great deal on one from Target ($25) and have been wearing it in a number of ways!

casual friday with a short-sleeved sweatshirt

  • Gap Tailored Shirt ($50)
  • Target Sweatshirt
  • Essie Lilacism
  • NY&Co Skirt ($27)
  • Dorothy Perkins Necklace ($29)
  • Karen Scott Pumps ($40)

In this work look, I layered the tailored shirt under the sweatshirt (I was inspired by this styling from Everlane). When combining casual pieces for work, I try to stay more conservative: black pencil skirt and pumps. I also think a nice tailored black ankle pant would be very nice here too, as it might play into the menswear aspect of the tailored shirt and boxy sweatshirt.


lazy saturday morning outfit

  • Adidas Sweatpants ($39)
  • Isotoner Slippers ($17)
  • Target Sweatshirt
  • Badger Mug (Only on the UK site, in the USA here’s a similar $10)

As much as I like brunch, I also like hanging out at home even more and being lazy! My husband and I can drink coffee and eat these little cookies from Trader Joe’s until 1 or 2pm until we even notice how late it has gotten!  This is an exact replica of what I actually wore this Saturday! Although my adidas sweats are about ten years old, so these may be a similar version, rather than identical… Men’s sweats are very comfy and roomy (I never have to worry about the legs shrinking!) and the pockets are actually large enough to be useful: I keep my phone in one and headphones in the other  so I don’t annoy my husband with each video!


sunday errands outfit neon clear short-sleeved sweatshirt

For running errands on the weekend, I would combine this top with the neon trend to play up the sporty side of this look, with neon in the shoes and nails! I might wear the right pair of fitted boyfriend jeans with this, but because the top is slouchy, I wouldn’t pick a pair that were too loose or the whole outfit could look sloppy. The tighter skinny jeans balance out the volume of the top. And how much fun is the clear-strap watch? Again, I would use a watch with this outfit rather than other jewelry options in order to make it sporty!


Have you been convinced  to try the trend of short-sleeved sweatshirts? signature 2
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