October Budget Summary

This month was SO busy, so unsurprisingly, I purchased just a little less than last month…

Jacket from Express ($118 – gift from my mom) – I love moto jackets in tweed! The one is a little more cropped and fitted that the bomber tweed from loft, so I’ve been wearing it with a black pencil skirt (which has a slightly higher waist than my jeans).

Earrings from Ebay ($6, just an ebay gift card) – a recommendation from Franish (plus her whole look is so great in that post!)!

Weekender Bag from Target ($35, on sale for $11): Flannel + large enough for my computer + full zip = perfect for travel

Total: $11 ($159 – gift cards and gifts)

Not too shabby! I have a few items continually on my wishlist, which I will post about probably next week!

How was your month of shopping? Be sure to check out the other budgeting bloggers on Franish!

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What I Wore with The Pleated Poppy

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Ipsy October Review!

Another month, another bag!

Cirque Colors Nail Lacquer in XX (sample size, $5.80) 

Of nail glitters, this seems to be pretty good: A lot of big glitters actually come out (I hate when they clump on the bottom of the bottle and all you get is tiny sparkles…) I’m not having a glitter moment, however, so I really haven’t fallen in love with the brand.

Épicé International Purifying Exfoliant (sample size, $9.70) 

This feels like I am washing my face with baking powder. It really exfoliates and I have to be careful not to scratch too hard! I did read on the website that it is those microbeads (which are supposedly bad for the environment) so I probably would not purchase on my own. The formula is neither drying nor too moisturizing, so that’s nice!

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream In Mango Mandarin (full size, $6.56) 

Good lotion, cute package, smells very nice (but not like figs! that would have been nice!) I have a ton of tiny lotions, but I always love more, so this was a nice addition.

noyah Lipstick in Deeply in Mauve (sample size, $5.60) 

At first I was wary – I don’t wear a ton of true lipsticks (choosing stains instead) and the color could have been so random. BUT it really is the perfect dark fall color for my skin tone. The formula is creamy, but a little drying. Bonus: although, like all lipsticks, it slowly wears off, it does wear off evenly. I’ve never looked in the mirror and seen that weird color clumping that happens with some lipsticks! I’m glad it was a small sample – I doubt I’ll even use it all up, but it really is a perfect cold weather color!

Skone Cosmetics TATTOOED Waterproof Eyeliner (full size, $15.00) 

The felt tip is great for accuracy, although the formula is not super opaque – much better than a pencil, but maybe not as dark as a true liquid liner. It is rather long lasting (longer than my liquid liner or pencils) but it is not waterproof (I would never wear it in the pool!) so it comes off easily at night – which is great.


Ispy Total Cost: about $42.66 + the bag (love it!)

Ipsy Total Value (things I actually use and like!): $30.30. Eventually I do plan to use all of it, but I haven’t yet reached for the lotion or nail glitter – mostly because I’m trying to use of older lotions and nail polish first. So the immediate value is $30.30, but I do expect to use all of it!

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What I Want: Jackets

I love all the casual jackets this fall! They seem so much cooler than blazers, but the tweeds and conservative colors makes them okay for work.

Top Left: NY&Co Moto Sweater Jacket ($60) – it looks so soft and the color is perfect!

Top RIght: Gap – so. cool. I see this as a little more casual, but I still love it.

Bottom Left: Loft ($98) – Own it! Love it! The lining is really soft and the black tweed is really versatile.

Bottom Right: NY&Co ($80) – another combination of tweed with a cool cut.

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What I Wore with The Pleated Poppy

Essie’s Fall Collection 2014, Part 2

This set felt a little more like the obvious colors for fall! (But surprisingly, no wine colors this year! Last year it seemed like there were so many wine colors… Maybe the winter collection will have some…?)

Top Row:

This sandy color (Essie Take it Outside) seems like it would be great all year – just like the Naked eyeshadows. (To be sure, I’m not super convinced that this palette is the greatest ever, but it is a nice representation of some pretty neutral shadows!)

I also love that all three of these colors are included in my plaid scarf!

Middle Row:

Essie Style Cartel is an inky midnight blue, like this cozy sweater. Speaking of night, I can’t believe how early it is getting dark these days! I know we’re officially in fall, but I’m not ready for full winter…

Bottom Row: 

This orangey-red (Essie Dress to Kilt) might be the most “fall” of all the colors. These earrings are also super thematic, with not only the rusty colors, but also the leaf pattern.

Which color would you choose?

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Essie’s Fall Collection 2014, Part 1

Top Row:

Essie Fall in Line is such an unusual gray-minty-green. It reminded me of aviators and the dark green of football fields!

Middle Row:

This dark teal color (Essie The Perfect Cover-up) is perfect also for warm and cozy scarves.

Bottom Row:

After doing some shopping with my dad last week, he declared “coverall brown” to be popular this year. Essie’s Partner in Crime is in that trend, with all the richness of hot cocoa and leather boots!

Which of these colors would you choose?

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