Todaybor Day is Labor Day

And what better day to dress like Strong Bad and friends? A sartorial goal for many of us, I know….

Strong Bad fans should check out buffalo plaids, like this top from Gap.

Marzipan girls can wear this purple necklace from Baublebar.

Home Star Runner would carry this red starred backpack from ASOS if he had arms.

And the Cheat would obvious love these slip-ons from Old Navy!

Do you love Strong Bad?

It’s over!!!!!

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FinSavSat Link-up!

I’ve been a bit MIA this week: in addition to the start of the school year, I’ve been doing some freelance work that bills by the hour. The experience of tracking my billing hours has made me want to track other time: What am I actually getting done each day?

There are so many apps for this kind of thing, but I really wanted something on my Mac (rather than on my phone) so I choose Time Tracker Mac. (This list also has some good suggestions for iPhones.)

Thinking about my time this way has been very useful. For example, I could go to four different grocery stores in order to get the best prices. But that might take an extra hour – and I might only save $12. If I worked during that hour (or did other productive things) I could potentially earn $20, meaning that I could buy the expensive groceries and still be up $8. In contrast, someone who has weekends completely free can benefit from hunting down savings!

How do you value your time?


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Financially Savvy Saturdays #53 with The Anna Belle Blog

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Feature of the Week

As this week’s co-host, I have selected my favorite post from last week’s blog hop. This week’s feature is Why I’m Spending More on Food, With No Regrets by NZ Muse.

FinSavSat #53 Feature

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August Budget Summary

Target Sunglasses ($13)
Targer Sneakers ($17)
Tommy Hilfiger Boots ($75 minus a $20 Macy’s coupon and during tax-free weekend!)
Ipsy ($10)

TOTAL: $95

What a weird month! I ended up not purchasing much: it felt too much like fall to buy summer casual clothes, but it really wasn’t time to break out the fall work clothes. Plus, we’ve had family visiting, so I’ve been shopping less, both in stores and on the interest, as we’ve been spending time with them.

I’m kind of burned out on my make-up and nail polish options, so for now, I’ve subscribed to Ipsy as a way to spice things up! I’ll review some of the products next week, but I liked 4 of the 5 samples: so far so good.

But now that we’re back in school – and I’ve been dressing up in work clothes – I’ve noticed a few closet holes that may need filling this fall. (Plus I have some Old Navy rewards that expire soon, so I must….!)

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Black and White

I loved the quilted t-shirt dress from Friday’s post so much that today I styled it two ways!

White (and denim) for the end of summer!

Black for later this fall!

I know some of you are going to die, reading a post that features outfits that are starting to look like fall. But, in my defense, we’ve already had a number of days in the mid-60s (lovely! but not hot!) and there are already a few leaves turning yellow (so not ready!!).

And good luck to everyone starting school this week!

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